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You're a pretty flower named Hector in a pretty nasty world filled with Gnomes!

The Gnomes uhhh like stole a lawn mower and killed all your plant friends.
Now you seek revenge! Revenge! REVENGE!!!!!

Yeah... that sounds like a pretty good story, we'll just go with that!

Created around 30 hours for the 2018 GMTK Jam and now I sleep.

How to Play:
Reach the goal flag at the end of the level by growing and clinging onto walls.

Move = WASD
Jump = Space
Grow = J

F5 = Reset Game

Move = d-pad
Jump = A
Grow = X

Planned Future Features:

  • More levels
  • Puzzles
  • Boss fight
  • More enemies
  • Better graphics
  • More bugs!


Blooming-Heck.zip 1 MB

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