It's a day in the life of a dragon!
You know? Collect treasure, kidnap princesses and roast some adventurers!

Part of Ludum Dare 44:

Original Submission can be found in the download section as an EXE file.

Your life is currency - Theme Interpretation:

Dragons live and die by their hoard of gold.

If you lose too much of your treasure it’s game over!

Game Tips:

You lose a life if a hero steals your treasure. The Princess is your shield, protect her and she’ll protect you!

Game Inspirations:

Game & Watch Gallery 2 - Vermin

Root Beer Tapper



WASD or Arrow Keys to move Space to fire, FIRE!!!

Xbox Gamepad:

Dpad to move “A” to shoot fire.

Known Issues:

All known issues fixed, see change log.

Change Log:


  • Fixed score not showing on HTML5 version
  • Fixed multiple music playing!


  • Fixed multiple Heroes saving a Princesses.
  • Fixed music sometimes stopping after death.
  • Fixed other bugs.
  • Removed score being reduced when thieves steal gems.
  • Replaced old number graphics.
  • Added personal best hi-score.


Dragons Den.exe 6 MB

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